Interactive Marketing

We provide a digital communication platform that allows short branded, interactive video clips to be sent directly to consumers’ mobile phones via personalised Smart SMS text messages, eMail or social media platforms that include trackable URL links.

Our CometClips platform transforms marketing and communication videos into a multipurpose customer engagement tool, with in-video permissions-to-contact, mini-surveys, seamless branching, document downloads as well as multiple-choice and free-form questions… all without leaving the video screen.

Real time notifications via API linked CRM updates or parsed eMail updates, allow your sales and communication teams to immediately respond to viewer interest as they interact with the video content from any device.

Online reporting dashboards and campaign data downloads provide statistics and feedback per customer and per aggregate that allow you to adjust and refine your marketing or communication campaigns.

What CometClips can do for your business

Better click-through-rates
Better click-through-rates
Our CometClip platform allows your marketing or communication messages to gain maximum traction with industry leading click-through-rates as your customers follow a trackable URL link auto-inserted into your Smart SMS text message, eMail or launched via any of your Social Media platforms
Higher engagement levels
Higher engagement levels
Customer engagement levels increase as viewers respond to prompts and gamified hotspots within a full-screen custom-branded video including: permissions-to-contact, mini-surveys, seamless video branching, document downloads as well as multiple choice and free-form questions... all without leaving the video screen and not requiring any app download or login.
Effective call-to-action
Effective call-to-action
The CometClip interactive prompt functionality creates a powerful call-to-action and informs your call centre or sales team in real time of viewer interest and product preferences. Customised SMS or email follow ups can be auto-generated based on a specific viewer response.
Customer driven marketing
Customer driven marketing
Give your customers the ability to seamlessly branch within the video to the exact product, model or service they are interested in or require. This decision tree functionality ensures lower viewer drop-off and higher conversion rates, while allowing viewers to focus on the content that’s most relevant to them.
Viral Looping Incentives
Viral Looping Incentives
CometClips Social Share function allows your marketing and communication campaigns to reach new customers as your video content inspires your viewer base to share via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp. Competition and voucher incentives further boost the viral looping potential of the Social Share function.
Responsive Marketing
Responsive Marketing
The CometClip platform provides for detailed reports and analytics that allow you to adjust and refine existing marketing campaigns by reviewing aggregated in-video mini surveys, engagement rates, permissions to contact, viewer statistics and conversion rate percentages.
Brand Exposure
Brand Exposure
Maximise your exposure as your branding is placed within the CometClips Smart SMS text invites, in-video interactions, video content and website links.
Increased Conversion Rates
Increased Conversion Rates
The features of CometClips all combine to boost your conversion rates with intense branding exposure, higher click-through-rates, multiple in-video engagement points tailored to your viewer and the functionality to respond to customer demand in real time.


How you use CometClips is only limited by your imagination! We have however listed a number of typical ways in which CometClips can be used to drive your customers to action and create the desired behavioural change.

 Sales / Customer Acquisition

The ability to perfectly present your product or service in a visually appealing manner, and get an instant permission-to-contact immediately after the sales “hook”, will drive up your sales, customer acquisition and cross-sale rates. This is a game changer in terms of cost effectively replacing the traditional “cold call” and making video marketing work more effectively. Auto-scheduling allows for easy and effective CometClip campaigns across any industry or business sector.


CometClips can assist in reducing risk exposure in key areas of your business. This alternative communication channel avoids the barrier of customers not answering “private calls” and encourages positive dialogue with in-video interactive prompts. These features will for example complement credit risk reduction strategies and mitigate reputational risk associated with product recalls, as detailed visuals are presented and immediate customer response is received.


Need to communicate critical changes to policy documents or explain a key change in procedure? CometClips allows for communication of complex ideas and messages to people of varying with literacy levels. Clear visually supported messages and multi-language video options provide for a more effective communication channel. This could include government education on voting, staff educational campaigns or where a large group of existing customers need to be informed about changes to “terms and conditions”, policy updates or reminders that affect them.


CometClips allows companies to instruct a target group of employees or provide consumer education to customers, who all display a particular characteristic, are faced with a common challenge or who require assistance with particular product or service. This approach leads to a stronger brand as well as staff and customer retention.

Mobile Based MicroLearning

Micro e-learning solution over mobile
Ability to provide audience with high-impact short form interactive trackable video which allows for higher levels of learner engagement, better content retention and delivery of required learning outcomes
Our solution is easily accessible in the learner’s own time, less time consuming, does not require an App download and can be effectively used to drive behavioural change

What our clients have to say

  • The CometClips interactive video platform provided our company with exceptionally good click-through and lead rates. The interactive video sold our product visually with our customers responding to contact permissions and product preference questions without having to leave the video screen.”

    MICHAEL BOLTONExecutive Director - Emerging Markets Home Loans

How it works

Step 1


Create your branded marketing or communication video using our CometClip Design Guide or let us create it for you!

Step 2


Let us customize the look and feel of your CometClip video, with Font Types, Brand Colours, Logos, Website Links and wording that meet your style guide requirements.

Step 3


We embed your customized interactions throughout the video which viewers can respond to without leaving the screen.

Step 4


Choose the date and time your CometClips invitations will to be sent per Smart SMS/Text message, with auto-inserted URLs’ that track each viewer’s response to the embedded interactions.

Step 5


Your target market interacts with your CometClip videos as real time notifications of customer responses are sent to your sales team or call centre.

Step 6


Detailed reports allow you to respond to viewer requests and adjust and refine your existing Marketing and Communication campaigns by reviewing aggregated data.

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