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Video Revolutionised

Ultimate experiences, with story, emotion and purpose

CometClips is a unique trackable, interactive mobile video solutions provider that not only transforms the marketing, communication and micro learning space but engages with viewers by converting traditional platforms into exciting interactive opportunities.

Don’t take our word for it.

Creative vision and digital experiences with
interactive mobile video

Educate. Engage. Build a relationship with your market.

Our Work


Multiple Interaction, Decision Tree, Social Media Distribution


Multiple Interaction, Looping Interactions, CRM Integration, Social Media Distribution


Multiple interaction, Decision Tree, App download


Creating a user experience that is exciting, engaging and shareable

CometClips provides seamless branching together with creative interactive ways to ask your audience straight forward questions

For more detail on interactive options watch here
Interact with mobile video

Insights and results

Each click and action taken during the video by a viewer is tracked and reported on in real-time providing detailed insights

Data Driven Strategy

Real Time Data

Online Reporting Dashboards

CRM Integration

Improved Targeting and Lead Generation

Return On Investment


Target your audience with unique trackable links from a multitude of direct and indirect marketing channels

Whether is direct or indirect, your market will have your brand in the palm of their hands. CometClips is designed to fit any resolution to ensure seamless and effective delivery to your target market. Experience interactive video marketing through any distribution channel.

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