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Interactive Video Marketing

In this short blog I would like to discuss just one way that interactive video can help your digital marketing campaigns.

While the effectiveness of video marketing is well known, the benefits of a viewer being able to actively engage with video content is less well-known.

Why Interactive Video?

Research has indicated that where viewers have the ability to engage with video content, leads and conversion rates are significantly higher. Typical engagement options may include on-screen hotspots that allow viewers to select which content they want to view, answer survey or viewpoint questions and respond to various calls-to-action including permissions-to-contact.

Ultimately an interactive video should allow the viewer to walk through your digital storefront, select their preferred product or service, have questions answered by the salesperson and then indicate their desire to purchase. As with actual storefronts position is critically important and with interactive video the “position” is “Mobile devices”.

It is essential that all content be designed for mobile and that videos be in portrait mode (vertical display) to ensure higher viewership and conversion rates. Viewers should ideally be interacting throughout the video, without having to leave the video screen, to ensure a seamless customer experience.


Of course the effectiveness of interactive video also depends on the quality of the video content as well as having the ability to quickly follow up where viewers have responded to a call-to-action.  Having functionality that tracks individual viewership and report their response to various calls-to-action becomes very important.

Dashboard Reporting noting aggregate engagement stats including how viewers respond to specific interactive elements allows enhancement of current and future campaigns.

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