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Interactive Video

Interactive Video

While Interactive Video is rapidly making inroads with marketing, communication and even visual survey-based campaigns, the effectiveness of these campaigns depend largely on well known audience engagement principles.

Key Principles

1) Know your audience

Your audience is never everyone! Identify your audience and ensure that your video content and creative style is tailored in way that will that appeal to their needs or wants. Your best audience is of course your, or your clients, existing customers where contact details, permissions-to-contact and trust already exist.

2) Have a clear Call-to-Action

While all good advertising copy will have a defined Call-to-Action it needs to be clear and intuitive to ensure the best possible response rate is obtained. Good video productions may have more than one opportunity to present a Call-to-Action.

3) Less is more

Decades ago, billboards and prominently positioned storefront windows were essential to gain customers. Today gaining and keeping audience attention is essential in the engagement – leads – conversion cycle. Videos need to be short and within the first few seconds tell the viewer why they need to continue watching to ensure viewer attention is maintained and leveraged.

4) Consider what platform is to be used

The platform you choose to share video content will in many cases impact whether you reach the target audience.
Older audiences may prefer Facebook. Younger audiences Twitter or Instagram. B2B content may work better on LinkedIn.

What makes interactive video really work?

  • In video Calls-to-Action gamify the viewers experience and generates increased viewer engagement and leads with in-video animated interactions and contact forms generating call back opportunities
  • Where Interactive Video platforms allow one to distribute unique URL links per Text, Mail or Social Media one can track responses on a per viewer basis and immediately follow leads up for better conversion rates.
  • Interactive video with seamless video branching options allows viewers to focus on content most relevant to them. This results in lower viewer drop-off and increased customer intelligence, leads and conversion rates.
  • Great video content can create a compelling or emotive marketing hook, but extended time delays between viewing the content and taking action leads to lower conversion rates. With good Interactive Video platform your or your clients, CRM system can be updated in real time with viewer responses to Call-to-Actions for follow-up or viewers can go straight to an online purchase option with in-video interactions.

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