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Interactive Trackable Mobile Video

As in introduction to interactive trackable mobile video consider the following.

What if you could discover exactly what every potential client is looking for, present the perfect sales pitch and, in return, get higher than usual sales conversions as well as valuable marketing feedback … and all of this without any on-the-ground or call-centre staff?

You can achieve exactly this as you exploit the functionality of interactive trackable mobile video. This form of video marketing can generate a surge in quality, inexpensive leads, create the opportunity for you to follow up with individual viewers, as well as collect valuable customer data intelligence.

Interactive Video Tracked on an Individual Viewer Basis

While interactive video has been around in basic and more sophisticated formats for a while, the introduction of interactive trackable mobile video that can be tracked on an individual viewer basis is relatively new.

To be clear we are not referring to videos with in-video data capture forms during or at the end of the video. Privacy concerns and general apathy of viewers will most often result in these capture forms not being completed.

Rather we are referring to persons within an existing database, or in communication with a call-centre operator, being sent targeted content relevant to them via a trackable interactive video delivered and optimised for mobile phone viewing.

The embedded functionality allows you to track the following metrics for each invidual that the video link was sent to including:

  • Was message delivered;
  • Was the “Play” button clicked;
  • How many minutes / seconds were viewed;
  • Feedback as to how the specific viewer interacted with the in-video prompts;
  • Which video content was viewed (where seamless branching allowed the viewer the option to select video content from an in-video menu);
  • A lead score that indicates the likelihood of converting the lead; and
  • Date & time viewed.

The ability to score leads based on their response to in-video calls to action allows companies to efficiently prioritise follow up and maximise campaign results.

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