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Case Study: Cometclips and Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives challenge during the Covid Pandemic

Our client came to us with a challenge. Previously, sales representatives were able to spend face-to-face time with doctors and those in the health profession to discuss different drugs and medications.

During the covid pandemic, face-to-face meetings, especially with regards to finding time with busy health care professionals has not been possible. In addition, our client was interested to see if CometClips were more effective in helping sales representatives get products in front of health care professionals compared with pre-pandemic conditions. This is where CometClips was successfully deployed.

Using CometClips for Sales Representatives in the Pharmaceutical Industry

With our client we created a short interactive video which sales representatives could send to their healthcare contacts. Healthcare professionals were provided with a quick and straight forward journey where they could learn about the product and download relevant case studies. At the end they were invited to call their sales representative directly and ask any questions, the call to action.

Interactive mobile video case study Pharmaceutical industry

The viewers journey while watching the CometClip

Data and Analytics, unique insight for management

Cometclips offers unique insight into exactly what the target audience watched and selected within the interactive video. Below you can see a summary of what the doctors and representatives did within the video, whether they watched the video and or downloaded the trial information.

Below you can see exactly how viewers engaged with the interactive videos.

Approximately half of healthcare professionals started watching the CometClip. Of those 62% decided to watch the video first, while 27% skipped straight to downloading the trials.

cometclips vieweing statistics and data

Here you can see what health care professionals did during the interactive video.

It is not just the data of who clicked what in the interactive video. Management were able to see which representatives were most successful on a granular level.

One representative had the most healthcare professionals click on the URL link. However, in terms of actually watching and engaging with the materials, Sales Representative 7 was the most successful. This gave our client insight into how strong different sales representatives relationships are with health professionals.

Sales representatives success

We were able to gain insight into sales representatives different success with healthcare professionals

CometClips provides data for unique insights and smart management decisions

Cometclips can also provide data on when videos were watched. This helps plan for the next campaigns. CometClips provided our client with data to make smart decisions going forward.

Detail on which clinical trials that were downloaded showed what most interested the healthcare professionals.

Unique data insights from interactive mobile video

The data provided by CometClips shows what actually interested healthcare professionals

In particular the client gained four interesting insights:

  • This is an effective tool for sales representatives to use as it allows them to show product to health care professionals at a time more convenient to the viewer. If the sales representative saw that the video was watched and trials downloaded by a particular health care professional, they could then arrange face-to-face time to follow up.


  • Costs for the sales representatives were reduced in terms of travel time, and time spent waiting for a good time to speak to the busy health care professionals.


  • The data can be used by management as another way to measure success of sales representatives, and the strength of their relationship with their clients.


  • Health care professionals could view what they found interesting and useful. This provides invaluable data to the client and sales representatives.

Why you should use CometClips?

Using an interactive video as a communicational tool for the Sales Representatives proved to be very valuable to reach and engage healthcare professionals. Offering a short video combined with the ability to download clinical trials for reference purposes, was informative yet convenient.

The trackability of digital video and resultant data and analysis gave invaluable insights to management. Using mobile technology made the communication more convenient, engaging and trackable.

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