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Personalized Video for the Finance Industry

Interactive personalized video is the latest in client communications.

When we think about marketing and advertising for the finance industry, a large part of the challenge is educating customers on the benefits of a particular product. Finance as a topic is often intimidating and confusing for customers.

This is where personalized interactive video comes in.


Video is a great format for explaining complex topics. It can visualize something for an audience making it much accessible and understandable.


Interactive video, takes video one step further. It allows a viewer to explore topics and areas within the video that they don’t understand or want to learn more about. By making it interactive, video becomes more of a learning experience (we all know we learn by doing). With learning, comes understanding and empowerment. When your customers feel empowered, they can make decisions about their finances.


Personalized interactive video, offers an even better learning experience. Imagine you are intimidated by a topic, and the video talks about things in general. You can learn from this, but if that video could instead refer to your exact circumstances, wouldn’t that make something make a lot more sense.

For example, if it talks about your income amount, your budget, and your requirements, and then talks about possible financial services or products to meet those specific needs – wouldn’t that be easier to understand?

Interactive Personalized Video Use Cases

Sales and Product Marketing

  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Cross- & Up-Selling – Target existing database with relevant offers with customizable in-video quotes in real time
interactive personalized video

Customer Service

  • A personalized onboarding welcome video that explains the finance product in a understandable and transparent manner

Customer Retention

  • Personalized thank you and/or an annual review of their activities/rewards on their account
finance industry uses personalized interactive video

Loan Administration and Collections

  • Arrear accounts collections with targeted offers (as per demo video)
  • A personalized video explaining changes in the monthly repayment profile as a result of changes in the base lending rate
Arrears and loans industry uses personalized interactive video

Excited to use interactive personalized video to engage with customers? You can explore some demos here.

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