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Personalized Video

At CometClips we never sit still. We continue to evolve our interactive video offering and we are now launching interactive video with personalization.

Customers are used to generic adverts that don’t necessarily speak personally to them.

Brands have, until recently, had no way to sustainably or affordably create video that is personalized to each viewer.

Personalized video is the next stage in the evolution of customer communications.

Why Personalized Video

We, of course, would all rather get information about a product or service that speaks directly to our needs and preferences. That one-on-one experience where we are listened to and give information that is useful. With personalized video all that is possible.

True personalized video increases engagement, increased enrollment in new services, quicker customer adoption of new offerings and more a satisfied customer.

In particular personalized video is very effective when dealing with complex topics. Rather than generically explaining a financial product, you are able to tailor the video to speak to your clients particular financial circumstances. It also provides a concrete and real example to the client, one that makes sense, rather than a theoretical explanation. When clients understand, they engage better with the product or service and are more likely to make a purchase, or renew a contract.

Personalized video has found a niche in call center space. Rather than costly initial calls from call center agents. Brands can send out personalized videos to their customer base. Customers can interact with the video and self guide through information specific to their account.

drive engagement with interactive personalized video

Get personal at scale, while remaining cost effective

Cometclips interactive personalized video allows brands to get personal at scale! We are really proud of what we have built for our clients.

When CometClips builds, we think about the long term, sustainability, cost effectiveness for our clients and clever design. We do this by thinking about things in a modular fashion.

So what do we mean by personalized?

CometClips is able to address your customers by name! The best way to engage with your clients.

Information is drawn from your database and included within the video. We make ONE video, and then specific fields and images within the video change depending on which person’s information they are pulling. By making just one video we save you time and money! You can speak directly and personally with millions of people.

Surprise and delight your customers with interactive personalized video!

revolutionize your communications

Get in touch with us now info@cometclips.com to book a demo with our team. Revolutionize how your brand communicates with customers. Check out interactive personalized video here!

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