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Case Study: CometClips and Real Estate Sales

Real Estate Company uses CometClip for Sales

Chartwell Realty is a real estate company that we pitched our CometClips to. They decided to use our product to help their customer base decide which properties they were interested in as well as which financial products they would most likely use to purchase one of their properties.

The main focus, was to not only identify the markets interests, but also obtain valuable contact information so that their own agents were able to contact clients who showed an interest (POPIA compliant).

A unique “Selfie” style CometClip

Chartwell wanted to put their agents front and center of the selling process. Giving a unique voice to the advert. Using a “selfie” style video, the Sales Agent shows the viewer around the estate and asks them some questions.

The sales agent asks which size unit the viewer is interested in seeing. This provided the real estate developer with data per customer regarding their tastes and preferences.

The CometClip is filmed in different locations to keep the video interesting and increase engagement.

CometClips viewer journey

Using Branching and Interactions to Engage the Audience

Later the sales agent asked about which home loan finance option the viewer was interested in. The video then branches here depending on the answer. This was because the one finance option requires a discussion with the sales agent, so they wanted to encourage the viewer to phone and discuss the finance option with the sales agent.

The viewer was encouraged to book an appointment or could request more information.

The end screen had a direct “Click to Call” straight to the Sales Agent’s phone number. Her phone did not stop ringing.

Interactive video branching

Production and Distribution of the CometClip

We were tasked with capturing video at their various developments, editing the video, and producing a CometClip which would be sent out to their database as well as used in advertisement campaigns

The client base was sent URL links through multiple different platforms (i.e. SMS, Email, Social Media, etc.). The orientation of the video was portrait to make it easy for the audience to interact with when the video promoted responses from the viewer.

Data and Results

Viewers were able to share the CometClip. The share link allowed new contacts to fill in their details.

All responses and information  was sent in real time to the sales team to respond and contact clients. The Chartwell Realty CRM system was updated with all the responses of the viewers during the video.

Chartwell Realty collected over 465 direct leads as a result of the campaign. Viewers absolutely loved being able to phone directly from the Clip and speak to the agent they had just seen presenting.

Using CometClips helped engage with client base and provided valuable data

Results proved to be quite valuable. Chartwell indicated that reporting provided valuable information about the targets audiences interests, as well as proved to be a great tool for Chartwell to engage and create relationships with their client base.

To view this CometClip, click here: https://cometclips.com/our-work/

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