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Personalised Interactive Video Advertising

CometClips, Interactive Marketing

CometClips is able to provide YOUR customers and contacts with a completely unique advertising experience through interactive, personalised video.

We love interactive video because it requires the recipient to actively engage with the content that you send them.

Interactive video invites or suggests appropriate responses to a CALL TO ACTION.

Why Personalised?

Cometclips creates a personalised experience for the viewer in two ways:

Firstly, through Branching.

Branching allows the watcher to personalise the journey they take and the content they watch. Through series of choices and decision trees the content that your clients and customers will can be completely different.

use branching to create a unique experience

Seamless Branching and Calls to Action

Through CometClips seamless branching capabilities, a customer is driven towards different CALLS TO ACTION from document downloads, app downloads, click to call functions and online store fronts.

Clients also use this to drive their clients to their websites or even to share the content on social media.

The click to call function is extremely effective for Call Centres. Send HOT LEADS to your sales agents.

Call to action through interactive video

Enhance Understanding and Learning through Seamless Branching

A very popular feature is LANGAUGE SELECTION.

Customers and viewers are able to view the content in the language they prefer. For complex issues this is very effective.

By allowing viewers to choose what they would like to learn about, you enhance engagement and create a personalised experience.

In Video Personalisation

The second way that CometClips offers personlisation  is through In-Video-text, audio or image fields.

As people crave personalised experiences, personalised video creates a powerful way to capture, connect and keep the target audience’s attention.

“Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language”
Dale Carnegie

in video personalisation
Unique personlised fields
Unique buttons and options

The unique personalization that CometClips offers leads to increased engagement by your customers and audiences.

Your customers are able to learn and experience your brand in a way that works best for them, providing them with the information they need to make a decision.

Get in touch now and see how you can use CometClips.

For more examples of our work, click here.

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