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Case Study Micro Learning Education Covid 19

Using CometClips Micro Learning and Education Platform for Covid 19 Campaign

Cometclips was asked to create a Covid 19 micro learning campaign together for a client. The course covers nine different topics which people are able to choose from an upfront menu.

Once the course is selected, the viewer is asked which language they would like to watch the videos in. This was particularly important given the educational nature of the Cometclip and importance of the information. By showing the content in the language of choice, understanding and reception of the content was improved.

Viewers journey through interactive media
Interactive learning

Ways to Increase Viewership and Collect Information

The campaign was run on a data-free basis to allow anyone to view the micro-learning content.

An additional incentive of a daily airtime giveaway was added to encourage individuals to view the campaign.

This also helped collect additional data from clients.

Over 82,000 Text Messages were sent directly to a database inviting the receiver to watch the campaign.

Different interaction types

Data and Analytics

  • 93% of people clicked the play button
  • Of those, 78% watched the whole video
  • And 66% provided information such as their name and mobile number
  • Interactive video content increases engagement and using video to explain complicated topics increases understanding.
data analytics
Interactive learning
  • Across all the videos watched, most viewers answered the questions correctly after watching the content.
  • You are able to see which topics are the most interesting to viewers.
  • Viewers could share the content over Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Whatsapp. The content was shared over 10,000 times.
  • Most people watched on an Android device.
Data analytics and answers
Topics of interest data
Social Media Sharing through interactive video
Data collected from interactive video

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