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Using Interactive Personalized Video for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Interactive, Personalized Video Marketing

Are you looking to combine education, information and sales for a unique sales experience?

Are you trying to get in front of busy Doctors and health care professionals?

Are you educating and informing sales representatives about new products?

By using interactive, personalized video marketing you can achieve all of this and more.


CometClips unique platform allows you to create short, interactive, personalized videos.

Using video direct to a person’s mobile phone is a great to way to share and educate viewers about complex material such as medical and statistical information.

By making this content interactive you can make your material more engaging. The viewer is required to actively engage with the video.

You can test understanding of complex content and branch to additional or different ways of explaining something depending on the answer given.

interactive video marketing

Interactive video also allows the viewer to personalize the journey they take and the content they watch. Doctors and health care professionals can choose topics that interest them, watch an extended video with detailed information or skip to medical trial PDF downloads.

You can invite or suggest an appropriate response to a definite call to action. For example, ask a question, book an appointment, collect information and data, call a sales representative directly or download PDFs.

A popular option is to allow viewers to watch content in different languages.

language interactive video
micro learning interactive video

Personalization adds that extra “touch”. Use CometClips to create a direct marketing campaign and make the video completely personal to the viewer.

personalised interactive video

Many of our clients are using CometClips to enhance sales by Sales Representatives in the pharmaceuticals space. View our case study blog on this topic for more data insights.

Contact us now to discuss how CometClips could work for you.

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