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Case Study: Finance and Insurance

Finance insurance client looking for information on preferences of clients and contact details

Our client launched a campaign over social media platform Moya, which is a data free instant messaging, news, sports, weather and games app.

The advert included a link to the CometClip. Viewers could click on the link and then watch the interactive CometClip seamlessly on their phone.

Below images show the story board.

interactive video finance marketing
interactive video marketing

Data and Call-to-Action! Increasing Sales

All the of the data per viewer was then fed directly to the Call Centre in real time. Sales agents contacted clients immediately and spoke to a well primed and interested lead. These hot leads had already understood the benefits of the product, and sales agents could quickly close the deal.

Using AB testing against a regular contact form rather than the interactive video experience, our client found a significant improvement in ROI.

Data, analytics and insights

The CometClips platform provides per person data on every action and decision and contact details provided by any viewer. This is also available on an aggregated view.

All available in our reporting system, or with an API link into your database.

engagement rates interactive video
finance insurance data
statistics and insights

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