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Case Study: Retail and Cosmetics

Client wanted to encourage customers to sign up for an influencer/brand ambassador campaign

Our client wanted to launch their competition to become a brand ambassador/influencer in a new and exciting way. This would encourage customers to apply to become a brand ambassador/influencers while at the same time collect valuable information on their preferences and tastes.

The campaign was launched over social media with a shareable link. Each time a person clicked and watched the clip (social media post) the system records a new line of data per viewer. The campaign was launched datafree.

Competitions to entice!

In this particular campaign, signing up meant the opportunity to win prizes as well as win a place as a brand ambassador.

The CometClip was used to quickly educate potential candidates as to the benefits of entering, the process to becoming a brand ambassador and how to apply. The use of interactive video also allowed our client to get valuable feedback on the tastes and preferences of their customers and contact details. Branching was used to show additional information to those who were particularly interested in becoming an influencer.

Sharing and viral campaigns

The CometClip ends on a particular call to action. A link to the sign-up page to enter the competition to become a brand ambassador/influencer.

The final page also allows people to share the link over Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Whatsapp.

The Story Board!

The viewers journey Cometclips
Cometclips case study
case study cometclips cosmetics

Data and Analytics, unique insight for management

Cometclips offers unique insight into exactly what the target audience watched and selected within the interactive video. Below you can see a summary of what viewers did within the video, and the information they provided.

In a 2-week period close to 1,000 people provided their personal details and contact information.

Data cometclips

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