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Rich Media – CometClips offers most diverse range of in-video interactions

Cometclips has so many in-video interactions to choose from!

At CometClips we pride ourselves in constantly innovating our tech to provide you with the existing interactive video options. But first, we mention rich media up above, what is it and how does CometClip innovate in this space.

Rich Media, what is it?

Rich media is a term the advertising and marketing world use to talk about digital adverts with exciting advanced features. These features or elements encourage viewers to interact and engage with the content (Source: Google).

If you are looking to get a stronger or more emotional response from a viewer, rich media might be the way to go.

Examples of rich media are videos, GIFs, Instagram stories, podcasts, infographics and webinars. They attend to grab the attention of audiences, improve click through rates and most importantly increase engagement.

interactive videos with call to action

So How is CometClips Rich Media?

When  you read about Rich Media, people always talk about video as an example and that the key benefit of it is that that it increases engagement.

CometClips takes video and makes it richer, by adding in-video interactions. So during the video, your video pauses and asks the viewer to interact in some shape or form.

These interactions can be anything from

  • Branching
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Photo or video uploads
  • Calculations
  • Document downloads
  • Contact forms/data collection

In fact if you can dream it, we are probably doing…or can do it for you. Our best ideas have come from our clients.

But the real value is ALL THE DATA…

Every action, click, branch, or decision made by a viewer of a CometClip is tracked per viewer. So you get very rich and details data from your campaigns.

You can see preferences, contact details, what documents they choose to download, which answers they gave, what decisions they made and what interests your customers.

Cometclips give you invaluable rich data

Interested in creating your own CometClip. Get in touch with us at info@cometclips.com

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